ZED Facilitator One Day Training Application Guidelines:

Thank you for visiting this page. If you’re not already our RPP partner, please visit this webpage:  ‘https://zedmsme.com/referral-partner-program-consultant/.

If you’re already our RPP partner and want to add any of your surveyors as ZED Facilitators, please contact your RSJ’s RPP manager for guidance.

If you’ve attended RSJ’s Internal ZED Facilitator Test, scored over 80%, and met qualification requirements, you can use RSJ’s name as the organization partner in your ZED Facilitator application to QCI.

Required Documents for ZED Facilitator Training:


2. Educational certificate (Minimum Graduation)

3. Passport-size digital photo

4. Experience letter. (Industry/audit/consulting/training) or (any certification training related to quality/safety/energy/environment/zed bronze assessment etc….)

Training Medium:

Follow these steps to apply for ZED:

Step 1– Open this link: [https://training.zed.org.in/professional/Training/Index/64 and select ZED Facilitator.

Step 2 – Enter your Email and Mobile number, then click NEXT.

Step 3 – Upload a digital passport-size photo (under 500KB).

Step 4 –Fill in personal details and upload ID proof.

  • Select the document type.
  • Fill the Document number.
  • Fill the name as per the document.
  • Upload the PDF, JPG, PNG of the selected document ( Should not exceed 500 KB)

Step 5 – Select organizing Partner.

  • Organizing Partner name – RSJ INSPECTION SERVICE LTD
  • Name of the Coordinator – Mr. Sonal Saggi
  • Coordinator’s Email – Sonalsaggi@rsjqa.com
  • Coordinator Phone – 9811873734

Step 6 – Fill the Personal Details

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth
  • Father/Mother Name

Step 7 – Fill the Mailing Address (Office/Home).

Step 8 – Spoken Language and Written language.

  1. Select the primary language.
  2. Select the Other language

Step 9 (a) – Education Qualifications

 Click on Add New Qualification

Step 9 (b) – Fill up the required details

  • Year – Starting year to Completion Year
  • Name of the Institute / University from which the Graduation has been done.
  • Name of the Degree
  • Upload the PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG of Educational Certificate (Should not exceed 2000 KB)

Step 10Work Experience

(a) Click on Add New Experience.

(b) Click on Any Other.

(c) Type of Experience – Industry Experience

Please click this link for reference – ZED Experience Letter Template

(d) Training / Certificate Name

(e) Organization Name

(f) Role and Responsibilities

(g) Duration

(i) Click on the add.

(h) Upload the PDF, JPG, JPEG PNG of the Experience letter (File Should not exceed 2000 KB)

Step 11 – Click on the Declaration and Submit the Application.

Step 12 – After the Submission of the Application the below attached notification will pop up on the screen.

Step 13 – Check your mail

Step 14 – After successfully registering for the ZED facilitator training, please share the following details to RSJ RPP Manager:

  • Screen shot of Training application acknowledgement (refer Step 12 screen shot).
  • Screenshot of acknowledge mail (refer Step 13 screen shot).
  • Name of the candidate applied.
  • Phone no
  • mail ID.

So, that we can confirm your application with QCI to get preference in the upcoming training.

Step 15 – Confirmation / Rejection mail of your Training application from QCI.

Step 16 – Once your application is approved, please open below weblink and click register based on your availability.


Step 17 – Please fill your registered Email, registered mobile number and click Register.

You will get a confirmation mail along with training details.

Step 18 – Training Participation.

Participate fully in the training and there will be a written examination at the end of training. Once you clear the examination successfully, you will get ‘Zed Facilitator’ Training certificate.

Step 19 – Share the certificate to your RSJ RPP manager to enroll with RSJ as ZED facilitator.