ZED Referral Partner (affiliate) Program for Individual Consultant/Company

Welcome to the Referral Partnership Program for ZED MSME Scheme!

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in our ZED Referral Partner Program (ZED RPP) as an individual consultant or consultant organization.

As an Accredited ZED Assessment Agency for MSME Sustainable ZED Certification program, we understand the importance of expanding ZED’s reach and providing better services to MSMEs. Through our partnership with you, we aim to achieve these goals and enhance the benefits of the ZED certification scheme.

The ZED RPP offers you a chance to earn referral fees for every successful MSME sustainable ZED Bronze certification obtained through your referral. As part of this program, you will provide advisory and consulting services to the referred MSMEs to assist them in obtaining the ZED Bronze certification. Additionally, you will support the MSMEs in uploading the necessary documents and information to obtain the ZED certification. Once the MSME has successfully uploaded the required documents and information, you will share the ZED MSME ID with us as a referral.

We believe that you have the expertise to help MSMEs obtain Bronze, Silver, and Gold MSME sustainable ZED certification. By working together, we can help MSMEs obtain the necessary certifications and contribute to a sustainable future. We are confident that our partnership will result in mutual benefits for both of us.

If you are interested in participating in our ZED Referral Partnership program, please fill out the form below. Our team will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps.

Thank you for considering our partnership program, and we look forward to working with you!