Why you need to join with us?

At RSJ Inspection, we are dedicated to empowering Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through our comprehensive support programs. As a leading assessment agency, we understand the unique challenges faced by MSMEs and are committed to guiding them through every step of their growth journey.
  • Awareness Programs for MSMEs
  • Job Guarantee Initiatives
  • Ethical Certification Standards by RSJ
  • Field Executive Support
  • YouTube Resources for MSMEs
  • Value Creation for MSMEs

Awareness Programs for MSMEs

We RSJ, committed to empowering the MSME ecosystem through our specialized Awareness Programs. These programs focus on the MSME Sustainable ZED Certification scheme, which stands for Zero Defect, Zero Effect. Our goal is to educate MSMEs about the importance and benefits of sustainable practices and guide them through the entire certification process. We provide comprehensive support, from initial awareness and understanding of the ZED scheme to the final stages of certification. Our expert team offers personalized assistance to ensure that MSMEs not only meet the certification requirements but also fully leverage the associated benefits.

Job Guarantee

we value the dedication and expertise of those who wish to join our mission in supporting MSMEs. If you are interested in working with us, we offer a formal Job Guarantee, accompanied by a Service Agreement and our Referral Partnership Program Code of Conduct. This structured approach ensures that all our collaborations are grounded in mutual trust and a shared commitment to ethical practices. By entering into these agreements, we create a strong, transparent bond with our team members and partners. This collaborative framework enables us to provide consistent and high-quality support to MSMEs, fostering their growth and sustainability.

Ethical Certification Standards by RSJ

we are unwavering in our commitment to the highest ethical standards. Our certification processes are designed to be transparent, fair, and rigorously aligned with industry best practices. The RSJ Ethics program is a cornerstone of our approach, reinforcing our dedication to integrity and reliability in every certification we undertake. Through this program, we ensure that all assessments are conducted impartially and that our clients can trust the validity and credibility of their certifications

Field Executive Support

we recognize the invaluable role of our referral partners in connecting us with MSMEs interested in certification. When you refer an MSME to us, our dedicated team of field executives’ steps in to provide comprehensive support throughout the certification process. Our field executives assist with registration, document uploads, and navigating all other necessary procedures, ensuring a seamless experience for the MSMEs. Additionally, for your efforts, we offer referral fees for each lead you generate. This collaborative approach not only strengthens our network but also ensures that MSMEs receive the highest level of support and guidance on their journey to certification.

YouTube Resources for MSMEs

In addition to our hands-on support and awareness programs, we are committed to providing accessible and detailed information through our YouTube channel. Available in various regional languages, our channel serves as a valuable resource for MSMEs looking to gain deeper insights into the MSME Sustainable ZED Certification. These videos offer comprehensive explanations and practical examples that clarify the certification process and highlight its benefits. Exclusively featured in our “Awareness Hub” on the website, these resources ensure that MSMEs have easy access to all relevant content related to ZED certification. Whether you’re exploring the initial steps or seeking to maximize the advantages of certification, our YouTube channel is designed to empower MSMEs with the knowledge they need to succeed. Visit our website’s Awareness Hub to explore these informative videos.

Value Creation for MSMEs

we believe in creating tangible value for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through our comprehensive services. As an assessment agency, we deeply understand the unique requirements of MSMEs and are committed to supporting them through every stage of their certification journey. Through our empanelment process, we establish direct partnerships with regional MSMEs, providing personalized handholding support until they achieve certification. Our role as organizing partners further enhances our commitment, as we conduct specialized awareness programs that equip MSMEs with essential knowledge about certification processes and benefits.