Roles and Responsibility of the ZED Facilitator

Two People shaking hands for ZED Facilitator
The ZED facilitator is responsible for- supporting MSMEs throughout the ZED certification process, from creating awareness to providing information on subsidy benefits. The quality and standard of the certification totally depends on the ZED facilitator. So, it’s obligatory for the facilitators to fulfil their role effectively.

Steps to follow for Zed Facilitator

The facilitator first should verify if the MSME is a manufacturing unit with the help of Udyam Registration Certificate and facilitator should also look whether the MSME can fulfill the certification parameters/ requirements or not (any undeserving unit should not be certified).
The facilitator must elaborate each detail about the certification (the levels of ZED certification, benefits/ incentives, parameters etc.) to the MSME representative and facilitator should also share one copy of the ZED benefits/ incentive document with the unit representative. (QCI team will cross verify with MSME whether such awareness and support are given to them. If not, the concerned facilitator might need to face the consequence).
The facilitator should check whether the MSME has ISO certificate (accredited by NABCB), BIS certificate, Product Testing (accredited by NABL) etc. If yes, the facilitator should support MSME to avail itself of the financial benefits through those certificates.
If the MSME is ready to go for the certification, the facilitator should tell the MSME representative to install the ZED official app in their device. And facilitator should guide the MSME representative how to register for the certification and make them aware what MSME can grant through the ZED pledge.
The facilitator should guide the MSME representative how to upload the documents in that installed ZED app in the MSME representative device. (Facilitators must not upload the documents from their own device).
If the MSME representative is capable of completing the whole process of the document upload their own, the facilitator should let the MSME representative to upload the documents themselves, if not the facilitator can support the MSME to upload the documents, but the facilitator should stay at the unit till the process is being completed, so that the photography verification can be done for the facilitator after the submission of the documents.
The facilitator is supposed to provide awareness programs to the MSMEs in different regions to make the MSMEs aware about- what is zed, what are its parameters, its significance etc.

Bronze Parameters

There are totally 5 parameters in ZED Bronze level certification:
      1. Leadership
      2. Swachh Workplace
      3. Workplace (Occupational) Safety (Upload ISO45001, if available)
      4. Measurement of Timely Delivery
      5. Quality Management (Upload ISO9001, if available)

DO’s for the ZED Facilitator

The quality is more important than the number of certifications, so the facilitators should give their whole attention towards the same.
Before taking any picture or uploading any document, the facilitator should make MSME aware about that, why he/she is doing the same.
At least 4/5 pictures should be uploaded for any requirement with different angles (only one picture upload for any requirement must be avoided).
Apart from uploading documents during the ZED process, facilitator should also look for the cleanliness and arrangement in the unit.
The facilitator will collect the ESG data from the MSME, so the facilitator should be aware about the ESG term (It should be in QCI format only).
If any MSME is keen to go for the certification and if they don’t have the fire extinguisher, the facilitator can provide the fire extinguisher from their side, but that should be at least 2 Kg and GST invoice should be available for the same.
Usage of duplicate fire extinguisher should be strictly prohibited (Even one case of repeated fire extinguisher can lead to blacklist that agency).
If the fire extinguisher is provided by the facilitator, the training on “how to use fire extinguisher” should be given by the facilitator.
New item The facilitators can have the printouts of the different area title tag names (Passed, Work in Progress, Rejected and staff toilet etc.) with them and can put the same in the proper place if it’s not available in the MSME list
ZED Facilitators shall follow the COC of QCI & RSJ during the entire process, failing would result in legal consequence.

Don’t s for the ZED Facilitator

The facilitator must ensure that any required picture is not uploaded except from the registered unit address.
The facilitator should not execute anything regarding ZED process without the presence of the unit representative.
The facilitator can’t use another facilitator ID for accomplishing the ZED process.
The facilitator shouldn’t visit any MSME in improper dress or look, he/ she should be in a professional look during the visit (Because the facilitator is the one who is presenting the ZED in the ground level). For the details of dress code policy please refer RSJ COC.
The facilitator should not accept any favor (bribe, gift etc.) from the MSME during the ZED process.