Code of Conduct for Referral Partner & its Associate

Rules we follow in Ethics and Conduct Code

1.0 Integrity

2.0 Anti-Corruption / Anti Bribery

3.0. Legal Requirements & Regulation

4.0. Safeguarding confidential business information and Data protection

5.0. Fair Business Conduct

6.0 Environmental Protection (UNGC 7 to 9)

7.0 Fair Labour( UNGC 1 to 6 and SDG 8)

8.0 Prevention and prohibition of Harassment (including Sexual Harassment)  (UNGC 2 and SDG 5)

9.0. Professionalism

10.0 Use of Logo & Representation

11.0 Raising Concerns (whistle blowing)

1.0 Integrity

1.1 DO’s

1.1.1 RP&A shall perform their work with honesty, diligence & responsibility and not deviate from ZED scheme requirements. 

1.1.2 RP&A shall provide factual data / information/ evidence while supporting MSME to register, submit and upload (documents, photos etc) for ZED Certification.

1.1.3. RP&A shall check for availability of Training records with respect to Quality Management & Safety Management system with MSME.

a) If records are available, use the same records for uploading.

b) If records are not available, guide MSMEs on their training approach (including relevant topics to relevant people, frequency, trainer competency etc).

1.1.4. RP&A should check the availability and usage of relevant PPEs by MSMEs people.

a) If appropriate & relevant PPEs are available and not used by MSMEs people, request MSME to give awareness training to its people on PPEs usage.

b) If relevant PPEs are not available, guide/support MSME to procure the same in the context of process and products.

1.2: Don’t

1.2.1 RP&A shall not carry out any malpractice / unethical practice while carrying out or guiding MSME on ZED related activities.


a. RP&A is carrying fire extinguisher and / or PPE to MSME units and using the same to upload as evidence for fulfilling parameter requirements.

b. RP&A is encouraging/allowing the MSME units using irrelevant PPE as evidence to be fulfilling parameter requirements.

c. RP&A is providing or allowing MSME unit to upload false records (training records, delivery records) and/or documents to fulfilling ZED parameter requirement.

d. RP&A is using same fire extinguisher/same PPE’s / same records (safety training, quality management training, delivery records) at multiple MSME units

1.2.2 RP&A (Particularly in their presence) should not allow MSME unit taking fire extinguisher from other units and using as evidence for fulfilling parameter requirements.

In case RP&A is not able to influence MSME unit in this regard, then do not claim this ZED order with RSJ for referral.

1.2.3 RP&A shall not use picture related to safety poster, fire extinguisher, toilets, product picture, work area, raw material storage, finished goods storage, from digital screen (e.g., Computer/mobile/ lap top screen) as substitute.

1.2.4 RP&A shall not prefer or suggest any assessor for any assessment, such request will be not accepted by RSJ and RSJ has obligation to assign competent assessor(s) impartially.

1.2.5 RP&A shall not give any kind of threat or pressure to MSME for converting to certification

1.2.6 RP&A shall not do the following while claiming or sharing the referral ZED MSME ids with RSJ. 

a) Mentioning / incorrect wrong ZED ids

b) Sharing before final submission of the documents through ZED MSME mobile app.

c) Sharing the ZED ids which are already claimed by another agency.

d) Claiming / sharing the same referral ZED MSME ids with more than 1 Agency including Assessment agency and or ZED organizing partners and or QCI.

e) Sharing the ZED MSME ids which are already certified or under NC Closure.

Above mentioned activities create unworkability, increases unnecessary communication, and puts question mark on image & reputation of all involved stakeholders. 

1.2.7 RSJ does not charge any service fees to MSME’s in relation to ZED scheme. RP&A’s are not authorised to charge or collect any fees, in any form, from MSME’s on behalf of RSJ / QCI / MoMSME / DIC/ DFO in relation to ZED scheme.

2.0 Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery

2.1: Do’s

2.1.1 RP&A shall perform their work & conduct with honesty and ethics.

2.2: Don’t

2.2.1. RP&A shall never directly or through intermediaries, offer or promise any personal or improper financial or other advantage in order to obtain or retain a business or other advantage from the MSME.

2.2.2 RP&A shall not accept gifts, goods, or service, bribe, favours, entertainment, merchandise, tickets, gift vouchers or reimbursement or discounts or money from any party directly or indirectly related to zed scheme certification from MSME.

RP&A shall not give any kind of bribe/ commission in any form including money or gift to,

any official (including DIC /DFO/MSME association representative) particular for getting any undue favours related to ZED promotional leads to getting ZED orders.

MSME as inducement for applying ZED certification.

3.1: Do’s

3.1.1. RSJ is fully committed to comply with local regulations and laws, including anti-corruption and bribery. RSJ expects the same to be followed by RP&A.

RSJ Expects that all work shall be performed by RP&A in compliance with applicable laws and Company Policies.

Committing fraud is a severely punishable offence under Indian laws. RSJ does not tolerate it and committed to eradicate it, if found, in their circle of influence and their supply chain.

3.1.2. Where appropriate, RSJ will cooperate with law enforcement authorities on suspected or actual offenses against these laws, RSJ expects the same co-operation from RP&A.

3.2: Don’t

3.2.1. RP&A shall not violate any ethical, legal environment and health & safety or scheme requirements.

4.0. Safeguarding Confidential Business Information and Data Protection

4.1: Do’s

4.1.1. RP&A shall treat all information received in the course of the provision of its services as commercial-to-confidence unless such information is already published or made generally available to other parties or otherwise in the public domain.

4.1.2. It is RP&A’s responsibility to protect MSME and their manufacturing unit information including IPR, customer information / supply chain information/ manufacturing process.

RP& A indemnifies RSJ from any acts of omission concerning to breach of law of IPR, customer information etc.

4.2: Don’t

4.2.1. To divulge confidential information of one MSME to another MSME.

4.2.2. RP&A shall not disclose / discuss ‘A’ MSME information with other that may impact anyways including competitiveness, image and reputation.

4.2.3. RP&A shall not take or carry out any data and information which is confidential from MSME.

In case any data or information collected from MSME for executing ZED related activities needs to be destroyed responsibly, once the activity is completed. 

4.2.4. Any confidential information gathered from MSME shall not be used for any other purpose other than authorized or permitted by MSME unit

5.0 Fair Business Conduct

5.1: Do’s

5.1.1. RSJ believes in free competition and strives to outdo our competitors through honest and fair business practices. The management, all employees and associates are committed to make only factual claims.  RP&A shall promote and market the ZED Scheme following fair business practices.

5.2: Don’t

5.2.1. RP&A shall not indulge in or encourage / adopt unfair practices that can go against the spirit of free market.

eg. paying or offering direct or indirect incentives & /or kickbacks to MSME units or their employees in any form for the purpose of securing business.

5.2.2. RP&A shall not market or promote ZED scheme or RSJ in an unethical manner that is untruthful or misleading, including any comparisons / references about RSJ & its competitors (including other ZED Assessment Agency / Organising Partners), and their services.

6.0 Environmental Protection (UNGC-7 to 9)

6.1: Do’s

6.1.1. RP&A sha jll support the environment and promote environmental awareness while carrying out the service including related to ZED scheme.

6.1.2. RP&A shall and also encourage MSME’s to adopt technologies which are beneficial to the environment.

6.2: Don’t

6.2.1. RP&A shall ensure that no violation of any regulation with respect to the environment while performing ZED work.

7.0 Fair Labour (UNGC 1 to 6 and SDG 8)

7.1: Do’s

7.1.1 RSJ is committed to follow fair labour practices that include:

Prohibition of any forced / bonded / prisoned / child labour and human trafficking/modern slavery.

Ensures that remuneration to all associates including contractual associates always meets applicable laws and prescribed limits of minimum wages.

Give associates the freedom to choose their employment.

Ensures a fair recruitment policy is in place and that it is communicated to associates to prevent forced or bonded labour.

Make the terms and conditions of employment available to all associates before their employment is started – no forced or coerced labour shall be tolerated as part of disciplinary measures.

Providing an opportunity to associates to continue their professional / ethical development in their careers.

Protect associates who, in good faith, make reports, seek advice, or ask questions.

RSJ expects that our Referral partner shall follow the above-mentioned fair labour practice in their workplace.

7.1.2 In case RP&A gains knowledge about violation of applicable laws like child labour, forced/bonded labour, or any other form of non-voluntary labour at client/ intermediaries/ joint venture partner/ franchisees/ contractors and suppliers’ location shall report the violation to RSJ and discuss for further action.

7.2 Don’t

7.2.1 RP&A shall not conduct any RPP related business if any violation observed as per clause # 7.1.1 / 7.1.2

7.2.2 RP&A shall not directly involve in investigations related to violation of applicable laws.

8.0 Prevention and Prohibition of Harassment (including Sexual Harassment) (UNGC-2 and SDG-5)

8.1. Do’s

8.1.1. RSJ is committed to provide a safe environment for all its associates free from discrimination on any ground and from harassment at work including sexual harassment. RSJ requires its RP&A to respect everyone they work with and does not tolerate abuse, bullying or harassment in any form.

8.1.2. An RP&A of RSJ is to respect everyone they work with and does not tolerate abuse, bullying or harassment in any form. Aggrieved Referral Partner advised to report their complaint to RSJ.

If any aggrievement experienced related to harassment by any Referral Partner in workplace, then strongly advised to report the same to RSJ. 

8.2: Don’t

8.2.1. RP&A shall note that inappropriate sexual advances and unwelcome physical touch are completely unacceptable in workplace. Workplace includes wherever RP&A visits (e.g., MSME units) for ZED scheme related work.

8.2.2. While dealing with any MSME’s employees or their associates, RP&A shall not engage in any activities which may perceived as sexual or other harassment or bullying. 

RP&A  shall note that Engage in any direct or indirect behaviour which could be construe as sexual or other harassment or bullying, such as making offensive or sexually explicit jokes or insults, displaying, emailing, texting, or otherwise distributing, offensive material or material of a sexually explicitly nature, misusing personal information, creating a hostile or intimidating environment, isolating, or not co-operating with a colleague, or spreading malicious or insulting rumours.

9.0 Professionalism

9.1. Do’s

9.1.1 RP&A shall act in a Professional manner. RSJ expect RP&A must be professional in not only in their dress code and behaviour but also while dealing and representing with MSME’s.

9.1.2 RP&A should be properly dressed. Clothes should be clean and tidy. Recommended to wear Plain or casual clothing with proper footwear.

9.1.3 RP&A should be well-groomed.  Clean and regularly trimmed nails. For Men’s beard: daily a rationale, cleaned shave or neatly trimmed.

9.1.4 RP&A should follow MSME’s code of conduct and safety instruction while on site. RP&A should wear ID card, issued by RP’s, while visiting the MSMEs workplace.

9.2. Don’t

9.2.1 RP&A shall not demand unmerited cooperation and compensation. RP&A shall not use any coercive threats either directly or indirectly to gain favours. 

9.2.2 RP&A shall not visit MSME place or deal with MSMEs while having influence of controlled substance consumption e.g., alcohol or drugs etc.

9.2.3 RP&A shall not use offensive language in MSME’s workplace or dealing / representing MSME’s. Offensive language includes, but is not limited to, scatological language, sexist remarks, prejudicial comments, and cultural insults, political comments.

9.2.4. RP&A shall not Smoke / chew tobacco in MSME premises & / or while dealing and representing MSME’s.

9.2.5. RP&A shall not wear clothing with political party affiliation or clothing with offensive slogan.

RP&A should Avoid wearing heavily faded/ torn Jeans which may be perceived unprofessional.

RP&A who have long hair should avoid open / loose hair while visiting workplace area for personal safety reasons.

Sandals, slippers (sandals and slippers are the main consideration is too Casual as well as unsafe, such as walking in the chemical plant and metal factory easy to be injured by chemicals and sharp metal);

9.2.6  RP&A Shall not approach any MSME (who they have dealt related to ZED scheme) for canvassing any donation or contribution in cash or in any kind, to support any cause including religious or political cause.

9.2.7 RP&A shall not Engage in any direct or indirect behaviour with MSME & its people that is offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting. 

This include any form of sexual or other harassment or bullying whether individual or collective and whether motivated by race, age, role, gender, colour, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, dependents, disability , social class, or political views.

10.0 Use of Logo and Representation

10.1 RP&A shall not mis-represent himself/herself with anyone including MSME’s / association.

Misrepresentation of Ministry of MSME, GOI (Government of India) or DIC or DFO or State Government or RSJ or QCI is prohibited.

10.2 RP&A shall not use any logo of Ministry of MSME, Government of India or State government or RSJ or ZED or QCI on their identity card or visiting card/ website or social media or banners or brochures or recommendation letter/ vehicle/ any other places that has not specified here unless he/ she receive proper written approval from respective authority.

10.3 RP&A are not allowed to use the name of QCI, its logo, service marks or any document for any purpose without the prior written approval of QCI.

10.4. RP & A shall not issue any press releases or make other public communication using RSJ’s name, any trademark of RSJ without getting written consent from RSJ Inspection service Ltd.

11. Raising Concerns (whistle-blowing)

If You notice or found, any of RP&A or associates or stakeholders or business partners are violating, not following or unclear or any concerns, please feel free to communicate to RSJ representative or contact compliance office through e-mail or phone call or message. The information provided will be kept confidential. Your name will not be disclosed in any situation if you chose to be anonymous. The case will be handled with due respect and actions will be taken appropriately. 

Use Grievances Mechanism: Please refer to the weblink that contains detailed complaints and appeals procedure.

Contact: Kindly do not hesitate to contact

Integrity related issues Feedback / compliant against all the  above code 
Mr. Sudarshan Mane -Sr. Integrity Manager, Lissa Arcade Building, L-1 49/A, 4th Floor, 5th Main,6th sector, HSR Layout, Banglore-560068, Karnataka, India. Tel: + 91 8850 249 682   Email:      Mr. Yuvraj Jambhale- Compliance Officer, GB- 25, Highstreet corporate centre, Kapurbavdi, Thane (West) -400607 Maharashtra, India. Mobile: +91-9819 621 121 Email: