Step-by-Step Upload Documents for ZED Bronze Certification: 
Step 1: Download the ZED mobile app
Step 2: Login with ZED credentials that MSME already received on their Email ID during registration process (to know about the ZED credentials, please refer to the steps to register process).
Step 3: Select the preferred level of certification (Bronze, Silver and Gold).
Step 4: Complete the fee payment process for the selected level of certification
Step 5: Start the process for “Basic information and document upload”.
Step 6: Complete filling in the basic information of the MSME (Unit representative selfie, Site exterior photo, product details etc.).
Step 7: Fill out the basic ESG details of the MSME.
Step 8: Upload all the documents related to bronze parameters (Leadership, Swachh workplace, Occupational Safety, Timely delivery, Quality Management)
Step 9: Fill ZED facilitator details.
Step 10: Click on the ‘I confirm’ box and do Final Submit.