Concessions & Incentives

Concession from the Ministry of Railways

ZED certified companies on selected routes are given concessions and subsidies on freight charges and parcel charges by the Ministry of Railways.

Concession from Banks

Thirteen banks recognize the ZED scheme and give subsidies, concessions, or waivers on loan processing fees and interest rate reduction.

Credit Bureaus

Credit Bureaus are incorporating ZED certification as a parameter in their rating criteria, so ZED-certified companies get additional marks, which boosts their credit rating.

Incentive by State Governments

Many state governments provide graded incentives for ZED certified companies. For instance, the Rajasthan government released an industrial policy in 2022 that mentions many incentives for ZED certified companies.

The GEM Portal of some states has features designed based on the ease of doing business principles. In many areas, the process is paper-free, and the ZED registration to certification can be completed via the ZED Portal itself.

Certification can be an important step for any organization looking to improve their processes, quality, and competitiveness. However, the cost of certification can be a significant barrier for many small and medium enterprises. That’s where the ZED (Zero Defect Zero Effect) certification comes in.

d area or island territory or aspirational districts, you will get an additional 10% subsidy.